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Raymond MacDonald

Raymond MacDonald (Scottish jazz musician of the year 2002 ≠ The Sunday Herald) has performed and recorded extensively and toured internationally with jazz and pop bands since the mid eighties. He co-leads and has released 4 CDs with The George Burt / Raymond MacDonald Quartet (Leading Scottish contemporary jazz - The Guardian) and is a founder member of The Hung Drawn Quartet, Scotland's premier saxophone quartet. He is also director of the Glasgow Improviser's Orchestra and has worked with some of Europe's leading improvising musicians including Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, George Lewis and Walter Prati. He has worked as an Artistic Director for a music company, Sounds of Progress, specialising in working with people who have special needs. His multi media work includes composing and performing for film and television and collaborations with visual artists, including specially commissioned work for Simon Starling and Christine Borland (Turner prize nominee) and Martin Boyce. His most recent film work is a collaboration with David Byrne on David McKenzie's new film Young Adam starting Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton. He has also recently produced a book, Musical Identities published by Oxford University Press and lectures on music internationally and is a regular contributor to television and radio arts programmes. In the past year he has written a number of commissioned soundtracks for BBC and Scottish Television. Recent collaborations include work with award winning music company Savalas on Scottish Television's Taggart. Recent CD performances include Coxhill Street - The George Burt / Raymond MacDonald Quartet, Sťance at Hobbs Lane- Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Hey There You Hosers- Hung Drawn Quartet, Tiny Waves Mighty Sea- Future Pilot AKA, Train Journeys - Remember Fun.



performance using aMente - algorithmic performance software a patch (currently MAX/MSP) that he has been developing for over 30 years which facilitates music that is sophisticated but not premasticated. Recent additions to the toolbox include DJ techniques. Don has applied his art in Carnegie Hall, the streets of Chicago & many other venues.Don Malone (aka LoneMonad)has applied his electromusing art in Carnegie Hall, the streets of Chicago and other venues. He is a Professor at Roosevelt. The software used in this performance is downloadable freeware
His music is irreverent, eclectic & above all real time.


Larry Marotta is guitarist and composer based in Columbus, Ohio. He is best known for his performances of free improvised music that combine his wide range of musical interests, odd sense of humor, and passion for sound as sound. In addition to exploring music on the fringe, he has also played with hip-hop group Poets of Heresy, surf trio Porterhouse, free-form rock band Schtick, and modernist jazz ensemble Honk, Wail, and Moan, as well as giving solo concerts of traditional ragtime fingerstyle guitar. For the last several years, he has been involved in the scoring of classic silent films. His most recent project, scoring four Buster Keaton silents, will be sold to television through Kino International. Larry is strongly committed to creating a world-class new music scene in his home city. He also runs his own CD label, Gramajones Records. His most recent release is St. Louis Needs More Robots, a recording of solo acoustic guitar improvisations. Larry Marotta was born in New Jersey but raised in Miami, Florida. His professional musician father exposed him to a steady diet of jazz and standards, but it wasn1t until he heard the band Kiss that Larry decided to take up guitar. Except for a year and a half of lessons in his early teens, he is primarily self-taught. After discovering British progressive rock band King Crimson in his early teens, he began an exploration of more experimental music styles that continues to this day. While in college in the late 80s, he became actively involved in the Miami punk and new music scene. After receiving his BA in Philosophy from Florida Atlantic University in 1989, Larry relocated to Columbus where he currently lives with his wife Becky Sicking and their daughter Kate.


Bill MacKay is a Guitarist, Composer, Poet and native of Pittsburgh. He has played solo and in groups of many shades throughout the country and in Chicago currently leads his own quintet which mixes written and free works. He has been also heard here with Violinist Savoir Faire, Banjoist Bud Melvin, Saxophonists Laurie Lee Moses and Jon Irabagon, and Drummer Mike Reed among others. If the aim of his music could be put into words, he might say this is it: to clear away blockages in the psycho-physical bloodstream, thus ending all forms of war & promoting pure bliss. br>


Lou Mallozzi (b. 1957) is an audio artist in Chicago who makes works for broadcast, CD, live performance, and installation. His audio art works for radio have been broadcast on over 70 stations in the US, as well as broadcasts abroad, including Sender Freies Berlin, Bayerischer Rundfunk, ABC Radio in Sydney, and several Canadian stations. In 1992, he was commissioned to produce a feature-length work for New American Radio, and his work was included in the AART festival in Dublin (1994), the 5eme Concours International de Radio in Arles (1995), and the Radio Unbound Festival in Edmonton (1995). He was also featured in the Experimental Sound and Radio issue of The Drama Review (Fall 1996), and on its accompanying CD, Voice Tears. In 1996, he spent one month as Artist-in-Residence at Spritzenhaus in Hamburg -- where he produced two pieces, Sit close to the fire and Once removed -- and one week as Artist-in-Residence at Harvestworks, New York, where he produced Drifters, his latest feature-length radio work. His performance art works have been presented at many venues in the US, including an invitation to the 1990 Cleveland Performance Art Festival, several appearances at Chicago's Randolph Street Gallery, and Visiting Artist projects at the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan. A CD of three of his radio works, Radiophagy, was released in July 1997, and a collaborative CD with instrument inventor and improviser Hal Rammel, Whole or By the Slice, will be out in 1998 on Penumbra Music. Mallozzi is a founding member and the Associate Director of Experimental Sound Studio, a non-profit sonic arts organization, where he has organized workshops and collaborative projects with local and international artists, including George Lewis, Gregory Whitehead, Guillermo Gomez-PeŮa, and Laetita Sonami. He is Adjunct Associate Professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he teaches sound and interdisciplinary arts. He regularly conducts workshops and lectures on audio art, experimental radio, and sound studio production. He has received grants from the Illinois Arts Council, the Chicago Artists International Program, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


From Oro Preto, Brazil, saxophonist and composer Andre Marquetti was educated at the University of Wisconsin and the AACM School of Music, has studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen, George Flynn, Ed Wilkerson, and John Eaton, and has performed with theater and film artists from all over the country, France, and Latin America. Playing exclusively tenor saxophone for 1,2,3,4, his ringing overtones combined with his contorting lines give the group a very unique energy. His personal projects include the improvisational group Raum Ensemble, collaborations with dance companies, and workshops that he holds at his coach house.



Joe McPhee is a brilliant improvising musician who plays many instruments, including saxophones, trumpets, valve trombone, clarinet, piano, and sometimes electronics. He was born in November, 1939 in Miami to a family with strong ties to sacred and secular musical traditions. As a child, Joe was taught by his father to play the trumpet and to read music. After a stint in the Army, Joe came to New York City in the mid~16O1s to share an early collaboration with the great Clifford Thornton, and Joe also began studying saxophone during this time. He taught in the Black Studies Department at Vassar College in upstate New York (and maintains his home in the Hudson Valley to this day), and then he began a musical career centered in Switzerland that continued for more than 25 years. Today, Joe McPhee is held in highest esteem as a musician throughout Europe, as well as here at home.
Joe McPhee1s music can be heard on more than 6O recordings, beginning with Clifford Thornton1s "Freedom and Unity" (Third World 9636, ‘67), after which Joe began recording under his own name with "Underground Railroad" (CJR~1, ‘69), "Nation Time" (CJR~2, ‘7O), "Black Magic Man" (HatHUT SWZ~A, ‘71), "Trinity" (CJR~3, ‘71), "Survival Unit II at WBAI1s Free Music Store" (HatART SWZ~6197, ‘71), and "Pieces of Light" (CJR~4, ‘74). The time of the early ‘7O1s saw the beginnings of Joe1s long and fruitful association with HatART, a Swiss company Werner Uehlinger formed with Joe as sole artistic inspiration and focus, specifically to record and distribute Joe1s music; this resulted in 11 consecutive brilliant Joe McPhee recordings between 1975 and ‘82. In the subsequent 1O~year period, Joe issued 1O more releases on other European and Canadian labels besides HatART (most on CD), including Sackville, CELP, Van d1Oeuvre, In Situ, Victo, and Mode. Between 1995 and 1997 alone, a dozen sessions saw CD release on Deep Listening, CIMP, Eighth Day, Music & Arts, Blue Regard, Okka Disk, and Evidence, with occasional returns to some of the European and Canadian labels; another nine beautiful recordings followed in the next two years, many of these on the Cadence/ CIMP label, with almost 3O more since then, and another dozen awaiting release. A complete Joe McPhee discography follows.
Joe McPhee admires the work of philosopher Dr. Edward de Bono (Future Positive, Pelican Books) and is himself a thinker who often writes his own stunning liner notes, combining poetic expressions of complexity and depth in both words and music. Joe McPhee poems about musical improvisation accompany his recent recordings "A Meeting in Chicago" and "Grand Marquis," and a selection of his poetry can also be read on this Web site.
These days, Joe McPhee plays often in New York City clubs and concert halls, while he continues to blaze a global trajectory of festival appearances, tours, concert premieres, solo and group improvisations, workshops, and seminars, stretching from coast to coast and across several countries in any given calendar year, and leaving his unique brand of ecstatic disturbance everywhere along his path.
For example, the opening months of the year 2OOO found Joe playing a number of concerts in New York City at sites including Brecht Forum, Hammerstein Ballroom, the Knitting Factory, Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall, and Tonic. Powerful new links were forming for Joe with the masters of New York1s improvising community, as he shared bandstands in a variety of settings with Roy Campbell, Jr., Daniel Carter, Sensei Joseph Jarman, Leroy Jenkins, Sabir Mateen, William Parker, Matthew Shipp, and others. The month of March took Joe McPhee overseas to France for his annual return to the Banlieues Bleues Festival, a towering celebration of 31 nights in 17 French towns that also featured great musicians such as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Billy Bang, Arthur Blythe, Andrew Cyrille, Charles Gayle, Milford Graves, Andrew Hill, Steve Lacy, Abbey Lincoln, Charles Lloyd, William Parker, Sam Rivers, Roswell Rudd, Reggie Workman, and many more. While there, Joe McPhee was honored to be asked by the Mayor of Paris to play a special concert for the release of Mumia Abu~ Jamal. Joe then returned home for the rest of April, playing a number of concerts in Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. May was taken up in a major tour of France and Switzerland, including the Europa Jazz Festival in LeMans; Joe traveled on from there, gracing bandstands in Avignon, Dijon, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes, Paris, Tours, and the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, then returned home in time for his cherished annual concert in William and Patricia Parker1s mighty Vision Festival in New York City. June and July found Joe McPhee touring extensively within the U.S., as another strong musical alliance formed with German reed man Peter Brstzmann, with whose tentet Joe has toured and recorded widely, this band burning its way cross~country, into Canada, and across Europe. Another highlight from this period in which Joe McPhee takes particular pride is a musicians1 parade across 125th Street followed by a free concert in historic Marcus Garvey Park for the people of the Village of Harlem. By October Joe McPhee was playing again in France for the Jazz Pulsations Festival, and then he was off again: Boston, Amherst, three concerts in Canada, and Seattle. Finally, the end of the year 2OOO saw Whirlwind Joe back at home settling down for the holidays.
Never one to rest on his laurels, Joe McPhee started off the year 2OO1 in New York City as special guest with Roy Campbell, Jr.1s great quartet Other Dimensions in Music, which also includes Daniel Carter, William Parker, and Rashid Bakr. A musical association with young Swedish musician Mats Gustafsson, with whom Joe shared many journeys in the Peter Brstzmann tentet, brought Joe his first concerts in Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway), and then the two rejoined the tentet for the 2OO1 Banlieues Bleues Festival in France. Joe toured in New York and Toronto in March, in Missouri, Boston, Amherst, and upstate New York in April and May, in the Vision Festival again in June, and in Vermont and Montreal in July. August was a particular challenge for Joe ~ to Oslo, then New York, then France (the Mulhouse Jazz Festival) and Austria (Saalfelden Jazz Festival) ~ all conquered with flying colors. In September he was playing in Canada again at the Guelph Jazz Festival, where he also participated in a panel discussion and chaired a seminar. On the fateful date September 11th, Joe McPhee found himself in a New York recording studio for a previously scheduled session with Joe Giardullo, Michael Bisio, and Tani Tabbal, and knowing what had happened, after some hesitation the four reached deep within their stricken souls to offer up a profound artistic affirmation of life, faith, and hope; the resulting recording, "Shadow & Light," can be heard on the Drimala label (see discography). Keeping on, and taking his stand with New York City, in October Joe was on~air guest host for a three~hour Musician1s Show on the City1s great radio station, WKCR, and after three more concerts in the City, he was off again to Chicago1s Empty Bottle, and then to the State of Washington for the Earshot Festival. Ending up the year 2OO1, Joe McPhee was welcomed by fellow masters Roy Campbell, Jr., William Parker, and Hamid Drake as the Pyramid Trio presented him as special guest.
When the year 2OO2 began, before January was over Joe had already played in eight different countries ~ the U.S., Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Norway, and Slovenia ~ touring mostly with young Mats Gustafsson1s band called The Thing. Next, Joe1s own band with Dominic Duval and Jay Rosen (the secretively named but publicly celebrated Trio X) made several appearances in New York City and Philadelphia, and then Joe returned to France for the Banlieues Bleues and Souffle de Rhythme Festivals. Much of the spring saw Joe playing concerts in New York City and all over the East Coast, including a stellar event at Bard College featuring Joe McPhee, Marilyn Crispell, and Prof. Richard Teitelbaum. In early April, the great band called Other Dimensions in Music (Roy Campbell, Jr., Daniel Carter, William Parker, and Rashid Bakr) once again welcomed that other great dimension: Joe McPhee. May, ‘O2 promises to be another test of Joe1s enormous scope, vitality, and stamina, as he begins the month at the San Francisco Alternative Festival (actually in Oakland, California), proceeds to opening night of this year1s Vision Festival in New York City, then segues into rehearsals and the early days of a national and international tour with the Peter Brstzmann tentet, of which Joe is a regular member (playing mostly brass instruments in this saxophone~heavy band). Toward the end of June, just prior to leaving for Europe again, he will teach schoolchildren for a week in Houston, Texas and play three concerts in Houston and Austin, one with the students and the other two reunited with (sshhh) Trio X. And the beat goes on...
Wherever he goes, Joe McPhee receives the highest acclaim from enraptured audiences, fellow master musicians, and the world press (see examples in "What They Say About Joe McPhee"). In short, Joe McPhee, an authentic, uncompromising original, is now at the very height of his artistic powers. He1s poetry in motion, always has been... so catch him as fast as you can!


Thomas K.J. Mejer studied saxophone with Urs Leimgruber (Jazz School Lucerne), Marcus Weiss (Konservatorium Lucerne) and Mick Green (Dartington College of Art, GB). He studied compositions with Vinko Globokar, Per NÝrgard and Michael Finnissy. Several prizes, amongst them "Werkbeitrag" 1993 and 1998 from City and County of Lucerne. His compositions have been played by: Allegri Quartet GB, BBC Singers GB, Ny Dansk Saxofon Kvartett DK, Cambridge New Music Players GB, Vision Saxophone-Quartet USA, basel sinfonietta, a.o. As a saxophonist, Mejer has focused himself on playing the contrabass-saxophone and all other saxophones in Eb. He is a member of the KONTRA-Trio (a Trio for very low wind instruments), Suba-Quartet and betome (a Trio for electronic music), Cleee-Septett (with Paed Conca, Martin SchŁtz etc.). Besides appearing as soloist, he is involved in several projects which include other forms of art like paintings, poetry, film, dance.


dancer - choreographer improvised dance /// dance installations /// performances /// work and tours in Europe, Asia, USA and Central-America Studies : Balettakademien, Stockholm 1979-82; Merce Cunningham School, New York City 1983 Private studies : Julyen Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Levey Danced with a/o: Margaretha ‚sberg (1982-85), Susanne Jaresand (1985-89), Kenneth KvarnstrŮm (1989), Birgitta Egerbladh (1989-99), Bogdan Szyber & Carina Reich (1993-99),Dorte Olesen(2000), Gunilla Heilborn (1995-2002) Collaborations with MUSIC : Sonic Youth (NYC) Kim Gordon (NYC)Barry Guy (Ireland), Mats Gustafsson (Sweden), Thomas Witzmann (Germany), Jim O§Rourke (Chicago), Loren Mazzacane Connors (USA), Jaap Blonk (Holland), Fred Lonberg Holm (USA), Maya Homburger (Switzerland), Michael Zerang (USA), Sten Sandell (Sweden), William Parker (USA), Paal Nilssen -Love (Norway), Ken Vandermark (USA), SPUNK (Norway), Thomas Lehn (Germany), Fe-mail (Norway) ART : Anders Knutsson (USA), Maria Svalsten (Sweden), Leif Elggren (Sweden), Lars Tunbj≠rk (Sweden) TEXT: Terri Kapsalis (USA) FILM: Leah Singer (USA) THEATRE : Michaela Granith (Sweden), Mats Flink (Sweden) AUDIO ART : Die AudioGruppe /Audio Ballerinas (Germany).Choreographer for the Group 2000- CHOREOGRAPHERS : Helena Franze§n (Swe), Gunilla Heilborn (Swe), Ingo Rouleke (Germany) ORIGINAL WORK :
Vindpinad (1991)
Bevllohallat (1993- )
Biber (1995-97)
Marmartuq (1996)
Nio or Nine (1997)
Molloy B (1997)
Gushtanz (1998 - )
Nedfall (1998)
Luminous performance (2000)
Molloy M (2000)
Profylax (2000)
E 212 (2000)
Bordsdamen (2001-2002)
Homage a§ Hodell (2002)
Mats Mats Anna (2002) in co. with Heilborn



MARK MESSING composed and designed sound for Redmoon Theater's Galway's Shadow, Lookingglass Theater's The Idiot and 13th Tribe's Bloodline: The Oedipus/Antigone Story. As musical director for Redmoon Theater, he founded The Redmoon Big Band, a 16-piece marching band featuring homemade instruments, musicians on stilts and marching choreography. His innovative design of musical instruments was seen in Redmoon's Winter Pageant and in WTTW's Artbeat's feature on Ten Tongues. As co-founder of Maestro-Matic (a music and sound design company) he scored several feature films: Temporary Girl, The Unspoken and Danny's Wish and designed sound for Design, Compensation and Night Night. As a musician, he performs with Ten Tongues, Maestro Subgum and the Whole, Dimensional Holophonic Sound (DHS) and co-founded The Loofah Method, a multi-media performance group. Mark received extensive training of the ear, thumb and left foot from The Peabody Conservatory and bebop saxophonist Joe Daily. Mark loves parades and is especially fond of the Function Generator Model 40600.



A "Widely Praised Soloist" (Chicago Tribune), Nicole Mitchell is one of few African American women to take the path as a creative instrumentalist, composer and bandleader. As a jazz flutist, she was recently recognized on the Downbeat Critic1s Poll as "Talent Deserving Wider Recognition." Her life is dedicated to sharing the spiritual power of music in an effort to create visionary worlds and to bring healing. She spent her first eight years in the small town of Syracuse, New York, influenced by the natural music of the woodlands near her home and the creative spirit of the Black Folk Art Gallery of Syracuse, of which her mother was a member. She spent her next twelve years in southern California, where she began to play the flute at age 15.
At age 20, Mitchell was introduced to the flute playing of Eric Dolphy and James Newton by jazz trombonist Jimmy Cheatham. She enjoyed one year of guidance under jazz great, Donald Byrd, at Oberlin, in Ohio. But, anxious for community, Mitchell left Oberlin to reside at the place of her deceased mother1s roots, Chicago1s southside. She met life-long friends in this creative center and insists that Chicago is the only place she can call home. As a creative musician, her work began as co-founder of the AACM1s first all-women ensemble≠Samana, which performed for Hillary Clinton1s Birthday in 1997.
As a flutist Mitchell has performed in Milan, Bologna and Rome, Italy, and also in Liverpool and London, England and Aberdeen, Scotland. She has also performed in New York, Minniapolis, and at various festivals and art venues throughout the midwest. In Chicago, she has performed at the Chicago Jazz Festival, the African Festival of the Arts, the Chicago Symphony Center, The Chicago Cultural Center, the HotHouse and the Velvet Lounge.
Nicole Mitchell has performed with great musicians and composers including Ed Wilkerson, Leroy Jenkins, James Newton, Harrison Bankhead, Vincent Davis, Roscoe Mitchell, David Boykin, Ernest Dawkins, Malachi Favors, Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Fred Longberg-Holm, Josh Abrams, Douglas Ewart, Ari Brown, Joseph Jarman, Maggie Brown, Chad Taylor, Phil Nibloc, Michael Zerang and others. Nicole Mitchell has three recordings in which she is a featured solist.
Mitchell leads her own group, "Black Earth Ensemble," a forum for Mitchell compositions and creative vision. Black Earth recently released her debut album as composer and bandleader on the CD "Vision Quest." (Dreamtime Records). She also performs with the David Boykin Expanse on flute and piccolo and co-leads PTSH!, an ensemble including Edward Wilkerson (tenor sax), Vincent Davis (percussion), and Harrision Bankhead (bass). As a composer, her newest work, "Africa Rising: A Trilogy," was featured recently by Ernest Dawkins1 Live the Spirit Jazz Band and the Muntu Theater Drummers at Hamilton Park, Chicago.
Mitchell also plays classical and jazz flute for the New Black Reporatory Ensemble of the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College. As an educator, Mitchell is a Professor of Flute at Chicago State University, a part-time Professor of Music for Northeastern Illionois University at the Center for Inner City Studies, and a teaching artist for Ravinia's Integrational Arts program. Mitchell also teaches for the AACM School of Music. She is the proud mother of her seven-year-old daughter, Aaya.



Courtney Modesitt plays a Rhodes through a ring modulator and various delay pedals. Her sound is very dynamic, ranging from serene and spacey to busy and abrasive. She is very young in terms of playing experience, having been in only a few other groups prior to ON. But, in the short time she has been an active keyboard player, she has developed a highly original and effective style. Previous groups include the world beat/reggae group WORLD BE FREE, and the short lived space quartet CODE JEDU.



I am a drummer/percussionist currently studying orchestral percussion at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. I am a member of the NEIU Percussion Ensemble and am freelancing with the Evanston Symphony Orchestra. I study drumset with Tim Mulvenna and have studied improvisation and drumset with Micheal Zerang and Hamid Drake. My most well known project here in the city of Chicago was a two year stint with art rock band Bride of No No (Atavistic), but I have played in various creative ensembles for the last 5 years (Fred Longberg Holm's Light Box Orchestra, Cheer Accident, The Floor, She Laughs, Pod Blotz, to name a few). I also "direct" an improvisational marching band, The Creaky Stairs band, when weather permits. My fascination with the drumset only increases as I explore the world of percussion. I plan to continue my exploration of texture, color, pulse, melody, groove, and communication through improvisation and the study of composition. And, ofcourse, through meditation and healing, which I have studied on and off at the Midwest Psychic Institute.



Laurie Lee Moses is still inspired by her studies in Black Music at Bennington College, with Bill Dixon and Milford Graves, though it was quite some time ago! Laurie Lee appeared with the Scott Rosenberg Big Band at the Cultural Center as part of their 2002 Jazz Festival programming, with the Outstretch Trio in the 2001 Innovators New Music Series in Springfield, and with IRIS Dance Improvisation Group at the Dance Center of Columbia College. Moses was selected to participate in Hot House's 2000 festival of women in the new jazz, and in "MiXing--an international sound art festival" curated by Artemisia Galley in 1998. She is one of the Redmoon Theater Big Band regulars, playing the Puppetropolis opening night at the Field Museum, in their annual Halloween spectacles, and at several parades, benefits and street fairs throughout Chicagoland. Moses has also delved into the healing aspect of music, working closely with sound pioneer Vickie Dodd, performing at Links Hall, Artemisia Gallery and Healing Earth Resources. Through her two new music series--one at the No Exit Cafe, and an ad hoc floating series in 2000 and 2001, Moses featured, wrote music for and performed with such local luminaries as Jeff Parker, Eric Leonardson, Harrison Bankhead, Carol Genetti, Jim Baker, Ari Brown, David Boykin and Nicole Mitchell. She has appeared with the David Boykin Expanse at the Velvet Lounge, as well as presenting her own work, at the Hot House, Nervous Center, Lula Cafe, Myopic Books, and others. A past member of several great bands like Las Toallitas and Tallulah, Moses can also be heard on recordings of the avant world-beat band MNEMIO and funky free jazz ensemble Mocktet, as well as upcoming independent releases featuring the dynamic duo of Irabagon/Moses, and the elemental ensemble.



JON MUELLER has been composing, recording, and performing in various musical arrangements since his studies in Chicago with late jazz legend Hal Russell. ›Now residing in Milwaukee, his most notable work continues on drums and percussion for the band Pele, with whom he has toured the U.S. several times. He also works with voice, keyboard, and tapes, particularly in projects under the moniker Telecognac. ›Jon Mueller also performs percussion in the duo Collections of Colonies of Bees with Chris Rosenau, as part of the Byard Lancaster Trio, and in various other groups. In 1999 he formed the Crouton label which has released a variety of his own recordings, collaborations, and other artists' work. His work in the trio Raccoons (with Chris Rosenau and Hal Rammel) is featured in a new 2 CD set Mothers from Crouton Music.



Jon Mueller studied drums with late jazz legend Hal Russell in the early 90s. Since then, he has been an active composer and performer in the groups Telecognac, Pele, Collections of Colonies of Bees, and Raccoons. His collaborative work spans a variety of artists including Aranos, Boris Hauf, arboe, Byard Lancaster, Steve Nelson-Raney, Hal Rammel, Asmus Tietchens, Achim Wollscheid, and he has also performed as part of Fred Lonberg-Holm's Lightbox Orchestra. He has appeared on numerous CDs and LPs and has performed throughout the U.S. and Japan. He also runs the label, web zine, and online shop Crouton Music, a resource of recordings and interviews of artists currently working in creative and new music forms.


Trumpeter Ameen Muhammad himself grew up in a family which valued both Black traditions and Black Music. His grandparents told him that Black people were Africans who were forcibly enslaved and taken overseas, emphasizing the Black roots lay in Africa. At home, he listened to the full gamut of musics which comprise Great Black Music. These initial exposures eventually inspired him to study at the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) School of Music , which has trained many of Chicago's finest musicians.
Mr. Muhammad's performances include appearances on albums, CDs and films, featuring noted ensembles such as New Horizons Ensemble, Shadow Vignettes. Ameen Muhammad also founded and directs his own ensemble, Ameen Muhammad and Chicago 3D. Mr. Muhammad has toured the USA, Europe and Japan performing in concert, workshops and music festivals.
Mr. Muhammad is also an Afro-centric educator. He has developed and presents The Hip Trip , African-American history through the forays of Great Black Music. The Hip Trip has been presented to over 10,000 children and 3,000 parents throughout the greater Illinois area.



Steve Nelson-Raney is a Milwaukee based saxophonist and pianist, active in both jazz and free improvisation idioms. His current work includes continuing in the development of solo improvisational language systems, composition in various mediums and collaboration with writers, visual artists as well as other musicians. Since 1979, Nelson-Raney has maintained Cody Book/Records (now Codyarts), documenting his work with an LP, cassettes, books and CDs. In 1997, Nelson-Raney co-founded, with Hal Rammel, The Great Lakes, Improvisation Project which continues to present performances in the Milwaukee area.


Andrea Neumann's instrument is a custom-made inside-of-a-piano that Neumann prepares with kitchen-sink ingenuity (literally including items from the kitchen).


Boyd Nutting co-founded the musical duo Concrete in 1989, which has since been recording and performing hard-to-classify music throughout the United States. They have performed at the Jack Kerouac Festival in Lowell, Mass; the Ann Arbor Film Festival; and SCAN (Small Computers in the Arts Network) in Philidelphia. They have headlined several years at the Michiana Improvisational Music Festival in South Bend, Ind., as well as the Sound of Silents Film Festival in Three Oaks, Mich. There they performed original scores to several silent films, receiving rave reviews from film critic Roger Ebert ( They performed twice at Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival in Champaign-Urbana. Nutting has also mastered several albums and CDs for other artists, including Crank Sturgeon, Vilently Ill, Karen Hellyer and three compilations for the Knot Music label. He is currently performing and recording with the Dirt Farmers' Union, Plato and the Western Tradition, Noise Committee, and X=X. He also continues to record other artists in his studio under the name Cackle Productions.



Julien Ottavi is a computer music composer based in Nantes, France. Drawing on the traditions of musique concrťte and contemporary 'noise' music Ottavi creates intense and dynamic sound worlds that challenge the aesthetic niceties of much contemporary electronic music. Aside from his solo work Ottavi regularly collaborates on projects with Keith Rowe, JťrŰme Noetinger, Erik M, Christophe Harvard and others. Ottavi's debut solo CD Nervure Magnťtique was released in August 2003 on Sigma Editions.



Formerly a Tortoise guest and roommate, now a full-time member and the youngest inductee to the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicans whose members include Art Ensemble of Chicago). He has also played in New Horizons Ensemble, Chicago Underground Orchestra, and is an Isotope 217 and Toe 2000 member along with other Tortoise band mates. He will play in the upcoming Banlueis Bleues Festival in Paris with a new trio "VEGA", with bassist Bernard Santacruz and drummer Michael Zerang.


Adam has been involved with music for a long time. He used to enjoy singing church songs with his family, but that was a long time ago. He began formal training in percussion through the Minnesota public school system at age 9. They could only do so much, so he studied privately with old-time jazz hero Connie Villars for 5 years. It helped A LOT. Passionate about a ton of different music, Adam has gained insight and learned through early American folk and blues, punk, bebop jazz, the avant-garde and contemporary, progressive and experimental rock, pop, electronic, African,  noise, industrial, hiphop, minimalist, ambient, metal, dance and classical music, and anything else he can get his hands on. He's fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to participate in most of the above-listed musics as a member of bands such as Tanya and the Holsum Family Fiscal Planner, The Vets, Skeletongue, About Ouch!, The Idiot, Minnesota Youth Symphony, and playing in various other jazz combos and orchestras. Adam's always working on solo recordings, too. Wow.


Matthew Peters moved to Chicago in Oct '03 from Madison, Wisconsin. There, he was quite active as first marimbist of the Madison Marimba Quartet for seven years, a founding member of the jazz and classical duo Duo du Bois, and a member of bands including Buttress, Katzenmallets, and Atalanta. Since 1997 he has been an active marimba soloist, lecturer, and clinician. He is currently performing regularly on the marimba and is involved in a band with Greg Peters and Jonathan Hischke.


Jim attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Trumpet Performance. While attending Northern, Jim played for several years in the great Two OĻClock Jazz Ensemble under Ron Modell. Jim was a featured soloist with the Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra at the 2000 Macau International Jazz Festival in China. He freelances as a lead, jazz, and classical trumpet player in clubs, recording studios, churches and concert halls in and around Chicago. Jim is a featured artist on many recording projects that have obtained enthusiastic critical reviews in the United States and Europe. He is an active clinician and teacher in the Chicago metropolitan area. Performance Credits: Dizzy Gillespie, the Temptations, the Lettermen, Bobby Vinton, Don Menza, Louis Bellson, Rosemary Clooney, Diahnne Carroll, Frankie Avalon, Frank Sinatra Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, The Chicago Bears Band, and a host of others.



A native of Chicago, Stephen Ptacek has studied percussion since the third grade. At first classically trained, he moved on to participate in various rock, punk and funk ensembles before he wised up and settled into a more jazz oriented sound. Since then he has been exploring different kit set ups leading eventually to the creation of a hand percussion drumset he and his collaborators, Carl Testa and Aaron Getsug designed, allowing for increased flexibility in an improvisational setting. Ptacek studied at the AACM school of music from 2001-2002, and is now attending the University of Iowa jazz program focusing on percussion and tabla but also working with Evan Mazunik's GAMUT soundpainting ensemble as a textural percussionist.



A long-term member of the AACM and renowned master drummer who is always in demand by visiting jazz artists; has performed and/or recorded with Sun Ra, Mwata Bowden's Sound Spectrum, Professor Long Hair, Jenry Butler, Fontella Bass, Malachi Favors, Joesph Jarman, Billy Harper, Lester Bowie, the AACM Big Band, and many others


bassist, Singer-Songwriter Rollo Radford began his professional career at the age of 19 when the legendary jazz vocalist Dinah Washington gave him his start. He then served in the Army and upon returning joined with the very popular Top 40's sensation, Martha and the Vandellas. As part of the highly regarded Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Mr. Radford has performed with various world renown jazz ensembles. He was a member of the Siegel-Schwall Band recording 7 of their 12 albums on RCA, Vanguard, Alligator, and Deutsche Grammophon Records, and frequently performed at rock palaces such as Bill Graham's legendary Fillmore West. Touring with Siegel-Schwall on their recent Reunion Concert Tour, he has performed in Lisbon, Portugal with the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra where Siegel-Schwall were guest soloists, at the Smithsonian Institute,and recent past performance season's highlights included a tour of the Carribbean Islands. Mr. Radford's televised performances include many appearances on NBC TV's rock show hit, "Midnight Special" with the great soul singer Walter Jackson, with blues legend Muddy Waters on the show "Soundstage", and on Public Television's "Great Performances", with Siegel-Schwall, Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Symphony. Radford has also toured from time to time with rock and roll legend Chuck Berry. Radford's most recent TV appearance was with Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues on the popular nationally broadcast ABC-TV series "Missing Persons" performing a piece of his own composition titled: " The Train". Mr. Radford has toured around the globe with the innovative jazz master, Sun Ra, playing the great halls of the world such as Carnegie Hall, and appearances at the renown jazz and music festivals in Japan, Russia, and Europe. Radford is featured in a documentary film on Sun Ra titled "Mystery, Mr. Ra." Mr. Radford has lived in New Orleans for a number of years where he had the opportunity to perform with June Gardener (Sam Cooke's drummer), the Neville Brothers, and many great performers on Bourbon Street. At present, Mr. Radford has completed his Master's Degree and accreditation for teaching the behavior disordered students, and divides his time between concert performances, and teaching students in the Chicago public school system.



Edward Reardon is a versatile improviser, composer, arranger, pianist, and keyboardist. A Chicago native, he studied music at DePaul University and has performed in many groups in many situations for a good number of years. Recently he has been heard with Jonathan Chen's Striking Mechanism, Fractured Flag, The Richard Nickel Transaction Ensemble, and Dr. Bonobo. He is also a co-founding member of Raum Ensemble with Andre Marquetti. In addition to regular live performances, he frequently contributes to the world of theater, having composed song settings for texts by Bertolt Brecht, William Shakespeare, and Sam Shephard, as well as numerous local playwrights. For performing with 1,2,3,4 Ed anchors the proceedings with his Polymoog analog synthesizer.



MIKE REED (drums & percussion) works with the Small Things and is drummer, composer, and leader for the Treehouse Project. He directs the Emerging Improvisers Organization and organizes the Sunday Transmission Series at the Hungry Brain.


Dave Rempis is a young alto and tenor saxophonist with a distinct sound and approach. His performance career began only four years ago, after completing studies in anthropology and ethnomusicology at Northwestern University and the University of Ghana, Legon. Upon graduating in 1997, he rededicated himself to live peformance and was soon offered a role replacing veteran saxophonist Mars Williams in the Vandermark Five. His work with this band has been noticed both nationally and internationally, offering him the opportunity to perform throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. His own work includes the trio Triage, featuring Tim Daisy on drums and Jason Ajemian on bass. The band has been active for 4 years, recording two cd's including their most recent release on Solitaire Records, "Premium Plastics." Rempis also works regularly in trio formats with Alec Ramsdell and Jerrry Bryerton, Jason Roebke and Jim Baker, and performs with the Territory Band, the Brian Dibblee Quartet, and the Chicago Improvisors, in addition to other ad hoc groupings. Fellow musicians with whom Rempis has shared the stage include Hamid Drake, Axel Doerner, Joe Morris, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, Kevin Drumm, and Paul Lytton, among others.



John Richez is relatively new to the experimental music scene having only been recording actively since the year 2000. He has perfomed with "PLATO & the Western Tradition" from northern Indiana and "Concrete" from southwest Michigan. His new group "X=X" is his first full time collaboration with Boyd Nutting of the group "Concrete." He has performed live at Indiana University South Bend with "PLATO..." and at the Michiana Improvisational Music Festival which is held every year at the end of May and begining of June at IUSB. He is always interested in hearing from other musicians about possible collobaration.


Eric Glick Rieman is a composer and improviser, performing structured improvisation on a severely modified and extended Rhodes electric piano. Glick Rieman manipulates his Rhodes to create otherworldly textures not normally associated with the instrument, using mallets, bones, rocks, screws, brushes, finger puppets, marbles, and other household objects. "The instrument which will be used in this performance has been deconstructed and reassembled to enable new aspects of technique. I basically cut an electric piano into pieces, and reassembled it onto a smaller frame. Then I added contact mics to the general pickup structure to let me amplify very small sounds. I run this through a mixer to allow me to effect the different sounds the instrument makes with a variety of loops and distortion.


Inaki Rios (Bilbao, Spain, 1970), aka kanito, complemented an essentially self-taught education with several courses and seminars related to music in its different aspects (electric bass, drums, folk percussion, improvisation, performance, electronics and computers applied to music). As of 1990, he started his activity as musician and producer of diverse projects, including rock bands (Patty Chambers, Los Nadie), rumba groups (Juanpa y sus cojones, Rumba Cal-) and several solo projects. In 1995, he forms, along with Esteban Benito and Jos* Lu-s Benavente, the group Garrapatea, which combined improvisation with distinct musical traditions of Mediterranean origin. In that same year, kanito began his collaboration with the artist Diego Gomez in the interdisciplinar project La Caja de Galletas, with which they implemented a series of installations (ego-smo 3-Barcelona, 1997. ego-smo 5-Zįrich, 1998. ego-smo 6-madrid, 1998. postmortenus, Barcelona, 1999), with kanito taking care of the sound aspects and digital editing. During those years, he also performed some production work for groups such as Dadajazz and El Empalme de Ossian, and collaborated with several musicians (Nilo Gallego, Fernando Oyagįez, Scorecrackers...) and theater groups (La Danaus, Pilar Piedra). In 1998 he released the CD Sala de Star, in collaboration with DJ Baaz, and began his collaboration with Rui Costa. In 1999, kanito joined the Piensan las Manos collective, taking care of the soundtracks in several visual works (amongst others: digital sound masterization in Piensan las Manos Piensan los Pies, a documentary directed by Jess Dom-nguez for Dadajazz; sound effects edition in Animal, a short animation film directed by Miguel D-ez Lasangre which has been awarded several prizes in Spain, namely: -Alcalŗ de Henares, Medina del Campo, TVE/SGAE shortfilm competition, and nominated for the Goya prizes...-; recording and digital editing in Felipe Vuelve a Casa con las Ovejas Sonando, a documentary made as part of the Concierto de Ovejas project, an idea by Nilo Gallego). In the same year, kanito released the multimedia CD Iusuk Kit. Currently, kanito is carrying out a series of six duos with everyday objects, of which three have already took place (kanito_duo#1_billar-Valladolid, 2000; kanito_duo#2_cafesp-Valladolid, 2000; kanito_duo#3_esv3-Salamanca, 2000), and which are currently being released by No-Type ( ). He also takes part, along with the musician Nilo Gallego and the sculptor Oscar de Paz of the trio plps/nbld Te invito a un chino, having participated in LEM 2000, Barcelona.


Stefen Robinson is constantly spanning the gap between acoustic roots music and improvised electronic noise. He seems to derive pleasure from setting up expectations, and then dashing all hope of resolution. After establishing himself as a mandolin virtuoso and front man of a local fusion band, he might arrive to a show intending to use the controls of a boombox radio as his only instrument. His creations often have a certain smarmy, acerbic sense of humor, where you are not sure if he is making fun of you for listening, or just making fun of everyone who doesn't have the abillity to listen. Originally from Kankakee, Stefen currently resides on the grounds of a defunct orphanage in Normal, Illinois. His latest record, "I Feel Like I Look Like I Feel," is out now on Anthihymn Records.



Jason Roebke is a bassist and composer living in Chicago. He grew up in Kaukauna, WI and started playing the electric bass at age 14.
Prof. James Clute started teaching him the double bass during Roebke's one and only semester at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Roebke then returned to Wisconsin and earned a bachelor of music degree in composition and theory from Lawerence University.
After graduation, he then moved to Madison, WI to study with saxophonist and composer Roscoe Mitchell. Roebke then went on to attend the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and subsequently received a Master of Music degree in improvisation. While finishing his degree, he accepted a part-time teaching position at Albion College in Albion, Michigan. Roebke taught at Albion two semesters before he decided to move to Chicago in 1999. Since then, he has performed with many of Chicago's most active improvisers like Ken Vandermark, Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, and Fred Lonberg-Holm. Roebke is also a frequent collaborator with visitors to Chicago. He has shared the stage with Paul Lytton, Franois Houle, Andrew D'Angelo, Charlie Kohlhase, Dylan van der Schyff and Tony Bevan.. Roebke has also made three trips to Japan where he pursues his collaboration with dancer Ayako Kato in the group Art Union Humanscape. While in Japan, he has also performed with musicians Taku Sugimoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Masahiko Okura, and Utah Kawasaki. Roebke is a member of Terminal 4.


Chicago violinist/violist/cellist studied classical music And plays in the Chicago improvised music band, Tiny Hairs ( will Have it's second CD ("Coldless") out in January 2004 on the False Walls label (



Jim Ryan:Born 1974. Irish multi instrumentalist, and composer. Son of traditionalIrish musician Thomas Ryan, who was his childhood teacher. Moved to America in 1993, and co founded the experimental improv group Joey, with Seamas O'Donnel. During which time he studied under John Wunsch. Co-founded the shenanigans in 2000, an audio visual improv ensemble. Composition focuses on vocal work, using an intuitive animated score notation that he developed under mark sullivan, and Joseph Kuszai. Pieces often include parts for the audience. He works regularly both in North America, and Europe. For a closer look at the animated score project please go to


Abe Saloma followed up his experience performing in swing bands and other ensembles of the U.S. Navy by pursuing a degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Since then, he has explored North- and Latin-American musics in a variety of contexts- from salsa and merengue bands to projects grounded in jazz, blues, and hip-hop. Although originally a bass clarinetist, he performs currently on the C-melody and alto saxophones.


Dan is a Chicago native who has recently received his degree in music education from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Always searching for fresh ideas and new concepts to explore, Dan enjoys discovering different ways to approach creating grooves and melodies on the drumset.


Born 1958; Composer, Piano, organ, percussion, voice and electro-acoustic music.
From 1976 to 1986 Sten Sandell undertook wide-ranging studies: on piano with Mats Persson and Carl-Axel Dominique; in improvisation/compositio with Sven-David Sandstrom; and with Par Lindgren into electro-acoustic music. Attended the Academy of Music in Stockholm during the period 1981 to 1986. Influences are broad and include free improvisation, contemporary music (John Cage, Morton Feldman, I. Xenakis etc.), and ethnic music (classical music from India, Japan, Iran etc. folk music from Sweden, Norway, North Africa). From 1976 to the present day, has been involved in group work, solo projects and in dance, drama, and film. The two long-standing groups are Sa Vidare, 1979-89 with guitarist Peter Soderberg and saxophonist Johan Petri, who played 'structurally or ganised improvisations', and Gush (from 1988 and ongoing) with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and percussionist Raymond Strid, well known for their free improvised music. Instrumentation for solo projects has included piano, synthesizer, sampler, percussion, and voice and is represented on a number of records, for example, Frames, on the Bauta label.
Sten Sandell has undertaken tours in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria (Glaxon festival, Holland 1986; 'Free Music'-90, Antwerpen 1990; Solo-92 in Stockholm, FMP-festival in Berlin 1994. He has collaborated with Carl-Axel Dominique, Anders Jormin, Sainkho Namchylak, Jon Rose, Mats Persson, Kristine Scholz, David Moss, Phil Wachsmann, Sven-Ake Johansson, Mats Gustafsson, Raymond Strid and many others. A new quartet (incorporating lute, theorbo, cello, marimba, percussion, voice, piano, harmonium) was formed in 1995 to work with composed and arranged material (Cage, Feldman, Nancarrow, Sandberg and the members of the group) and also in free improvisation.



Double-bass player , improvisor and composer , Bernard Santacruz was born in 1956 in Alger , Algeria . He lives in the south of France since 1962 . He begin the study of electric bass alone , then acoustic bass . He go to the conservatory of Avignon in 1986 to work with Master Joseph Fabre in classical class and with Andre Jaume in jazz class He become a proffessional musician working with different local jazz group in 1988 . In 1989 , he meet Charles Tyler, play and record with him untill1992 “Folly fun music magic”(bleu regard). He received a grant from the “ministere de la cuture” for his firts project under his name in 1994 .The name of the project was “Latitude 44” (bleu regard) with Frank Lowe , Dennis Charles and Cheick Tidiane Fall . Two years after he records in trio “after the demon leaving”(aa record) With F. Lowe and D. Charles . Again with F. lowe in duet “Short Tales”(bleu regard) in 1999. In 2000 , he meet Sabir Mateen and tour with him and three african musician in Mali and in France . Since 2001 he plays in “Vega” , a trio with Jeff Parker and Michael Zerang . “Vega”( marge record) He works , also , with “Fethi Tabet Group” , since seven years ; a large band (ten musician) who play Ra§ music ( popular music from north africa). In France , he had played with : Andre Jaume , Daunick Lazro , Stephan Oliva , Antony Ortega , Siegfried Kessler , Eric Barret , Ricky Ford , Barry Altschul , Archie Shepp , etc.... and toured in Portugal , Pakistan , Israel , USA , China , Mali , Spain ,Switzerland , Greece , Emirats , etc..... He teaches in Avignon in the “Association for Jazz and Improvised Music”.



Peter A. Schmid has been musically active for over 25 years in various groups blurring the boundaries between jazz, improvised music, and modern classical music. PAS is completely fascinated by the very deep wind instruments. Besides bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and bass flute, he also plays contralto and contrabass clarinet and tubaxes in Eb and Bb. Over the past ten years, duos have increasingly become a favourite form of PAS. Since 2003, heĻs been playing regular duo concerts in Uster, Switzerland, where he lives with his family. These performances have featured musicians with whom heĻs played duets for years as well as "new" musicians who have met him for spontaneous improvised concerts, including Vinny Golia, Evan Parker, Pierre Favre, Lukas Niggli, Nils Wogrom, Barry Guy, Mathias Ziegler a.o.). Peter A.Schmid also plays regularly with his quintet September Winds (feat. Evan Parker) and his quartet SCHMILZ, which puts bass clarinet front and center (with Michel Pilz on bass clarinet).



KARL E. H. SEIGFRIED (acoustic bass) has performed with Martin Banks, Carmen Bradford, Eddie Daniels, Peter Kowald, and Roscoe Mitchell. He holds three degrees in music that he earned while studying under (and in some cases performing with) Jimmy Cheatham, Anthony Davis, Richard Davis, Carol Kaye, George Lewis, and Bertram Turetzky.


Double bass, Improviser. Started music in 1991, under the influence of Mike Watt (fIREHOSE & the minutemen) on fender bass. Lead several punk/art rock combos until 1994. Upon receiving Peter KowaldÕs landmark lp ŮDuos;Europa , Damon sold the fender bass and concentrated solely on double bass and free music. Damon's music is rooted in the tradition of "free jazz",with most of his professional experience coming from work with the orchestras and small ensembles of alto saxophonist marco eneidi,however,he is very interested in all the manifestations of free improvised music (jazz rooted or not!) around the world.his live and recorded efforts focus on continuing and expanding the possibilities of the double bass and "instant composition".His instrumental study focuses on classical technique and etudes, while using jazz as reference for pizzicato tone.Damon performs as a soloist and in every imaginable grouping all the way to large orchestra. He also collects recordings, specifically creative music, jazz and double bass music, and feels this is an important influence on his work (Ůmy roots are in my record player- evan parker). Damon studied music theory/20th century harmony with his mother Bobbie Smith (a classically trained pianist/composer) .He had initial double bass lessons with Bill Douglass, next with Lisle Ellis for one year, then classical studies with Kristin Zerneg and jazz with Michael Jones.He also had single lessons/attended workshops with; Barre Phillips, Stefano Scodanibbio, John Lindberg, Peter Kowald, William Parker, Ken Filiano, Mike Watt, Dave Holland, Bertram Turetzky and brass players Bobby Bradford, Butch Morris & Wadada Leo Smith. he continues semi-frequent studies with Prof. Turetzky. Damon has Collaborated with dancers ,actors,and poets including Poet Jack Brewer, scoring actor William Whaley's adaptation of Henry Miller's "Tropic of Capricorn" for actor and double bass and the west coast premier of the final collaboration of Merce Cunningham and John Cage; ŮOcean. Highly Influenced By modern visual arts,Damon studied painting for a short time with Tom Schultz This has resulted in a notation system called ŮColor Architecture, dedicated to him. Damon has performed with ; the ŮDeep Space Posse(led by Tyrone Hill & Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra), Glenn Spearman, John Tchicai, Andrew Voit, Douglas Ewart, Eugene Chadbourne, Joe Biaza, Elliot Sharp, Wolfgang Fuchs, Luc Houtkamp, Peter Van Bergen, Mike Watt, Miya Masaoka, J.A. Deane, J.D. Parran, Sebi Tramantana, Mathew Goodheart, Gino Robair, Carla Khilstead, Tony Bevan, Alan Silva, Spirit, Boris Hauf, Dave SlusserÕs ŮDuke Ellington project, Tim Perkis, Jackson Krall, Bruce Eisenbiel, Eddie Gale & others. Recent Projects /performances include; People in Motion with Gianni Gebbia & Garth Powell + special guests including Fred Frith, Jaap Blonk, Jon Raskin & Phill Gelb, the W.Leo Smith/Damon Smith/Dr.Anthony Brown Trio(on a grant from ŮMeet the Composer) also the Wadada Leo Smith Orchestra, The Marco Eneidi Trio (w/Donald Robinson) also M. EneidiÕs American Jungle Orchestra, the Damon Smith Trio w/Jerome Bryerton & Jeff Chan, the Tara Flandreu quartet with guests including Gianni Gebba,J.D. Parran,Douglass Ewart, the Oluyemi Thomas/Damon Smith Duo, the Eddie Gale Ens.feat.E.W.Wainwright & Prince Lasha, theSpontaneous Music Ens. Tribute Project(w/ Henry Kaiser and John Butcher), the Collin Steson/D.Smith Duo, the Peter Kowald/Damon Smith duo



Jenny Gršf Sheppard works with sound, video and people. She trained her ears in the upstairs bedroom of a suburban home, eavesdropping through the floor on fighting parents. Consequently she approaches sound to examine communication and sociological phenomena. Her projects include improvisational electronic sound disturbance duo Metalux, the band Bride of No No, and for the past 12 years, long-term projects that involve the participation of older women with AlzheimerĻs in pieces that use sound, video and performance. Recently she self-released an audio-visual piece- a vinyl picturedisc of manipulated recordings from The Guitars Project. For this piece, Jenny Graf spent five months working with 6 women with AlzheimerĻs in a personal experimentation with the electric guitar. The goal was to find ways to use the pop, male and youth-associated object that were unique and usefull to them.



Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1974.Started playing guitar at the age of 10.
Music studies at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm for 4 years.
Since end of studies in the beginning of 1998 been working with free improvised music and jazz as a freelance in Sweden.
ANIMES (Raymond Strid, dr & perc. ‹ Johan Berthling, b) since 1997
TRI-DIM (Hőkon Kornstad, reeds ‹ Ingar Zach, dr & perc.) since 1997
DJustable (Mats Gustafsson, reeds ‹ Per-ķke Holmlander, tuba & trb ‹ Niklas Korssell, dr ‹ Henry Selder, turntables) since 1998
Christer Both*n Acoustic Ensemble (Both*n, bsclar ‹ Kjell Nordeson, vib ‹ Tommy Skotte, b ‹ Erik Hammarstrsm, dr) since 2000
Voxiliary (Lindha Svantesson, voc. ‹ Kjell Nordeson, perc.) since 1999
TRI-DIM Tri-Dimprovisations bp 99005 feb 2000
David Stacken∑s the guitar H.3 aug 2000
David Stacken∑s David Stacken∑s OBEP 04 oct 2000
SOUNDS 99 (compilation from festival) BTCD 09/10/11 dec 2000
Jim "Rourke w/ DJustable ‹ concert at Fylkingen, Stockholm april 1999
SOUNDS 99 ‹ improvised music festival in Stockholm (D.S - arranger & musician)
SOUNDS 2000 ‹ as above
ANIMES with Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) tour in Sweden, november 1999. ANIMES Swedish concertinstitute tour in Sweden february 2000
Mats Gustafsson«s NU-ensemble ‹ Swedish concertinstitute tour in Sweden dec. 1999 ‹ (Axel Dsrner, trp ‹ Gįnter Christmann, tbn & cello ‹ Per-ķke Holmlander, tuba ‹ Mats Gustafsson, reeds & conducting ‹Fredrik Ljungkvist, reeds ‹ Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello ‹ Sten Sandell, p ‹ Barry Guy, b ‹ Raymond Strid, dr & perc. ‹ Kjell Nordeson, perc)
Tri Dim ‹ Kongsberg jazzfestival in july 2000, tour in US dec. 2000, tour in Poland and Germany march 2001,
Pipeline ‹ Tour in Chicago and Sweden sept. and oct. 2000 ‹ (Ken Vandermark, reeds - Joe Morris, g - Kent Kessler, b - Guillermo Gregorio, reeds - Jim Baker, p/arp - Jeb Bishop, tbn - Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello - Michael Zerang, perc - Mats Gustafsson, reeds - Per-ķke Holmlander, tuba - Raymond Strid, pc - Johan Berthling, b - Fredrik Ljungkvist, reeds - Sten Sandell, p - Kjell Nordeson, perc)
Kulturbro 2000 ‹ concerts in Ystad, Sweden w/ Sonic Youth, Mats Gustafsson, Lindha Svantesson, Jim "Rourke, Loren MazzaCane Connors, Lotta Melin
ANIMES w/ Thomas Lehn (analog synth), tour in Sweden, september 2000
Pulsslag ‹ Christer Both*n Acoustic Ensemble tour in Sweden
Nu-ensemblen ‹ tour in Europe (Mats Gustafsson, reeds ‹ Thomas Lehn, synthi ‹ Carlos Zingaro, vi/ electronics ‹ Wilbert de Joode, bass ‹ Paul Lovens, drums/ pc ‹ Axel Dsrner, tpt/ electronics, Sebi Tramontana, tbn ‹ Per-ķke Holmlander, tuba ‹ Daunik Lazro, reeds
Empty Bottle festival ‹ Chicago, with Guillermo Gregorio, Jim Baker
With choreographer Ingrid Olterman, dancer/ choreographer Natalie Ruiz



Percussionist RAYMOND STRID, born in 1956, grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. He has exclusively worked with freely improvised music for over 15 years in many collaborations with composers, improvisers, choreographers, visual artists, and actors. He has recorded duets with Paul Pignon on the Alice CD Far From Equilibrium (1991) and trios with Mats Gustafsson and Sten Sandell (as the trio GUSH) on two Dragon CDs including From Things to Sounds (1990). His arsenal of sounds frequently include drums, guitars, and various amplified instruments. In the words of Mats Gustafsson: "A pronounced feeling for form and texture gives his music a clear body and character that is balanced against the intuitive and unexpected." In Mats Gustafsson's Essays Solo, Strid writes: "I try to play a music which above all has no 'beat' but also has no 'tempo' either. It is rather that the music has an underlying pulse and tempo which derive from my natural breathing cycles."



Stephen Simms (aka VJ.618) works in research computing at Indiana University and is a video artist, musician, composer, and teacher.



Adam Simmons is a multi instrumentalist playing saxophones from sopranino to bass, clarinets and flutes, across a broad range of styles - jazz, avant-garde, punk, latin, blues, funk, classical, techno. Based in Melbourne, Adam is often touring around Australia, a regular visitor to New Caledonia, and will be returning to Europe and the United States in January/February 2003. Adam has performed with international musicians including Odean Pope (US), John Butcher (UK), Tom Mawi (Fiji) and Michel Benebig (New Caledonia); Australian ensembles and artists including the Australian Art Orchestra, The Engine Room (Sydney), The Barry Veith Big Band, Spiderbait, The Mavis's, Tony Gould, Paul Grabowsky, Ted Vining, Roger Frampton, John Pochee and Sandy Evans. The Adam Simmons Quartet first went to New Caledonia for the festival "Jazz en Aout" in 1996. Since then Adam has returned five times to perform with different ensembles as well as a featured artist in his own right and will be returning a sixth time in late September 2002. New Blood, co-led by Adam, toured to Europe in 2000, visiting Poland, France and Germany. In July 2001 Adam travelled to America to take up the offer of a fellowship at Music/Omi, Hudson NY, an artist residency program encouraging performers and composers to collaborate. Also Adam had solo performances at The Knitting Factory and Downtown Music Gallery, both in New York City. The most recent and exciting project is the Adam Simmons Toy Band, being an extension of Adam1s musical and performance ideas from his solo show to an eight piece ensemble featuring real and toy instruments along with rubber chickens and balloons. The Toy Band have recently released their debut CD, "Happy Jacket," funded with the assistance of Arts Victoria as well as performed at various festivals including Half Bent Winter Jazz Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Meredith Music Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Adam is also performing with the following groups: The Adam Simmons Quartet, New Blood, Bucketrider, The Pearly Shells, Kynan Robinson's En Rusk, Oynsemble Melbourne as well as performing solo. All of these ensembles have released at least one CD upon which Adam appears. Major festivals include: Audio Art Festival (Krakow, Poland), Live en Aout (Noumea, New Caledonia - formerly Jazz en Aout), Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival (Australia's premier jazz event), Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival.


Chuck Sipperley is a recent graduate of Michigan State University who currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a student, he contributed pieces to the graduate student composersĻ summer recital, and even more recently, performed a newer piece at the 2003 Ear Candy festival in Dearborn. A new piece was contributed in June 2003 to the visual artist Jon RajkovichĻs multimedia dance/performance titled °Synergizmo!. In addition to composition, he has worked as an improviser with his friends the Rattling Wall Collective, an ensemble of mid-Michigan sound and visual artists, who, in their three years of collaboration, have made music that challenges easy categorization. He has also worked with Rochester, NY based sound artist Chad Oliveiri, and took part in RochesterĻs first annual multimedia show, He was a member of a trio that included longtime collaborator Scott De Roche on double bass/electronics, and trumpeter Misty Periard.


Fredy Studer was born in Lucerne, Switzerland where he still resides. He is a self - taught drummer and percussionist, who's experiences as an active musician since the seventies are as various as playing with musicians from "A" like Abercrombie to "Z" like Zorn. In 1972 he was a founding member of the group "OM" (along with Christy Doran, Urs Leimgruber and Bobby Burri). From 1977 on Dom Um Romao was occassionally the percussion - player of the band. Fredy Studer has been a member of the "Franco Ambrosetti Quartett", the "Franco Ambrosetti / George Gruntz Quintett" (with Joe Henderson and Miroslav Vitous or with Larry Schneider and Dave Holland) and the project "Percussion Profiles" (with Jack DeJohnette, Pierre Favre, Dom Um Romao, David Friedman and George Gruntz). During the eighties he was the drummer in the trios "BrŁninghaus / Stockhausen / Studer" and "Red Twist & Tuned Arrow" (with Stephan Wittwer and Christy Doran), the percussion ensemble "Singing Drums" (with Pierre Favre, Paul Motian and Nana Vasconcelos), the "Charlie Mariano - Jasper van't Hof Group" and the trio "Bourquin / Francioli / Studer". Studer has also been in the percussion ensemble of Robyn Schulkowsky, performing compositions of Charles Ives, Steve Reich, John Cage and Edgard VarŤse. During the nineties he was involved with groups like "Doran / Studer / Burri / Magnenat" (later "Doran / Studer / Gerber / Magnenat"), "Doran / Studer / Minton / Bates & Ali (later "Doran / Studer / Minton / Ali & Cora) play the music of Jimi Hendrix" and "Doran / Studer / Tacuma / Jenny-Clark". Current groups include the hardcore chambermusic trio "Koch - SchŁtz - Studer", the quartets "Koch - SchŁtz - Studer & Saadet TŁrkŲz" and "Koch - SchŁtz - Studer & Christian Uetz" and the project "Roots and Wires" ("Koch - SchŁtz - Studer" plus DJ M. Singe and DJ I-Sound). Other bands and projects are the the percussion-trio "Schulkowsky - Studer - Baron" (with Robyn Schulkowsky and Joey Baron), "Magnoni / Sordet / Studer", "Earth Bound" (with Bonnie Barnett and Hermann BŁhler), the duo "Drum Orchestra" with Pierre Favre, The Drummers", the trio "Amstad / Burri / Studer" and the drum-quartet "Four in Time" (with Pierre Favre, Fritz Hauser and Daniel Humair). Studer is also developing his series of duo recordings with female musicians (so far with Robyn Schulkowsky, Jin Hi Kim, JoŽlle Lťandre, Dorothea SchŁrch and DJ M. Singe). He also plays solo-concerts, works as a freelance drummer and gives workshops. Fredy Studer has toured and played concerts, gave workshops, has recorded for radio and TV, created music for dance-performances, made the music for theatre and film in Europe, Africa, Japan, Southamerica, the Caribbean, Taiwan, India, Russia, the U.S. and Canada. He is one of the few drummers who incorporate open improvisation as well as straight beats into his style.


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