Birth: 08/03/55 Monroe, Louisiana Studied with: Harry Hawthorn (trap set), Raman Papaiah, Ustad Kedar Khan, Ranchod Das Pandya (tablas), Howie Levy (congas), Hamza El Din (frame drums) Hamid Drake's longest musical association is with Fred Anderson, with whom he has worked from 1974 to the present day. Through Anderson, he met and played with George Lewis and Douglas Ewart (late '70s). Another longtime association has been with Adam Rudolph, a percussionist whom Drake cites as one of his major influences along with Eddie Blackwell. Rudolph and Drake have worked together as a duo and in larger group contexts since 1976. Hamid also worked extensively with Don Cherry from 1978 until his passing in 1995. Since 1977 Drake has been a member of the Mandingo Griot Society. His more recent group contributions have been made with: Peter Brotzmann in a quartet with William Parker and Toshiro Kondo as well as a trio with Caspar Brotzmann, Pierre Dorge with the New Jungle Orchestra and small group projects; a percussion duo with Michael Zerang; and the Drake/ Kessler/Vandermark Trio which formed at the recording session for the CD Standards. Also significant to Drake's career is his involvement with Reggae music. This began in the '70s with Michael Rose, The l-Tals, Sister Carol, The Heptones, and Africassa which later became the group Kwame and Wan Africa. He is currently working with Dave Anderson and the l-Lites. Hamid cites his sources of inspiration as Peter Brotzmann, Don Cherry, his parents Henry and Amelia Drake, Islamic Sufism and Tibetan Buddhism.

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